The Collaborative Palletiser is specifically designed for overcrowded production areas or when the palletising line is too small to fully automate. Often taking up less space than a human operator the collaborative palletiser can offer an excellent ROI.

The real benefits of our Collaborative Palletizer is that Cobots can work alongside people with no guarding as they are touch sensitive and stop when touched thus requiring a very small footprint. They are also quick and easy program.

The Filtec Collaborative palletiser with a TM12 collaborative robot is capable of palletising a standard 1200mm Chep pallet to a maximum height of 1400mm. The TM12 gives the Collaborative Palletiser up to 11kg of payload capacity and 1300mm of reach.




Palletise on a standard Pallet (1200mm) such as a Chep pallets

For larger payloads, our Collaborative Palletizer can also be configured with a TM14 cobot allowing 13kg of payload and 1100mm reach.

To ensure our Collaborative Palletizer comes ready to palletise, the system can be provided with an integrated infeed conveyor or it can integrate with your existing conveyors (or we can supply a whole conveying system), so the entire machine is delivered 100% ready-to-go so installation is expedited, reducing downtime and cost. Our Collaborative Palletizer is all about flexibility, speed of installation and ease of use. A typical Collaborative Palletizer can be brought to site, connected quickly and easily and be running on the same day as delivery.

With intuitive software our Collaborative Palletizer is quickly and easily programmed so changing pallet configurations is a simple task.


Collaborative Case Erector Palletisers

Our Collaborative Case Erector Palletiser is specifically designed for applications where a case is erected and then packed and then Palletized. Speeds of up to 7 cases per minute are achieved.