Rotary Cappers


Filtec Automation offers a range of stand alone Cappers to cap bottles filled on our inline fillers. We offer a variety of sizes and configurations from single head through to 10 Head Rotary Cappers all boasting our magnetic clutches with Pick 'n Place or on the fly capping as well as RO and ROPP capping. The cappers are also available in multi-stage configuration to accommodate multi-stage capping such as the placement of roll-on balls before capping or placement of “Over” caps after capping. We also offer a range of electronic cappers that utilise servo motor technology for accurate torque control with cap torque feedback, as well as cap orientation.



Cappers are supplied complete with cap unscramblers to suit the cap being applied. Chuck options include, mechanical grip chucks, passive gripper chucks, snap cap chucks and vacuum cup pick and place snap cap chucks. A tool-less change parts system is used to make fast changes between bottle sizes.



Our cappers are available in a number of options from the basic utilising push button controls and manual turret height adjustment, to advanced utilising a touchscreen HMI and fully automated turret height adjustment utilising our “Recipe” system where the settings for each different bottle are stored and can be recalled by selecting the appropriate recipe on the HMI.