Linear Flow Meter fillers


We offer a range of in line Flowmeter fillers for filling products from low to high viscosity, from water to aqueous cream. We offer both Mag Flowmeter fillers for conductive products as well as Mass Flowmeter fillers for non-conductive products.

Flowmeter fillers offer high accuracy with very low maintenance as there are no moving parts. Our fillers range from 4 heads to 18 heads as well as multi-lane machines and can fill products from 7ml to 25L.

A touch screen is used to interface all control parameters to the PLC system. This highly effective "recipe" system ensures very fast product changes with minimal set up time as all speeds and timers are recalled automatically.

A tool less change parts system is used to make fast changes between bottle sizes. Our CIP system has our unique "Drain dry" system which ensures that the entire fluid path can drain dry thus no product loss during change overs due to contamination with old productor CIP liquid.

Various options are offer such as Interlocked guarding, ball screw driven diving nozzles for bottom up filling, CIP systems, container handling by scroll or pneumatic gating, colour touch screen etc.