Filtec Automation manufactures a range of bottle filling, capping and labelling machinery. Our range of bottle fillers includes rotary gravity fillers, rotary flow meter fillers, in line gear pump fillers, in line volumetric fillers and in line flow meter fillers. Our bottle filling equipment is supplied as stand alone fillers with rotary cappers or monoblock filler cappers. Included in our range of bottle filling machinery is a range of bottle unscramblers, rotary cappers, bottle rinsers, air rinsers, labellers as well as conveyors and accumulation tables. We offer filling machinery for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, home and personal care, industrial as well as dairy and food applications.

Filtec Automation also offers Tablet packing equipment. Tablet packing lines complete with bottle unscramblers, air rinsers, tablet counters, desiccant inserters, cottoners, labellers and cartoners.