Gravity Level Fillers


Filtec Automation offers a range of Rotary Level Filler cappers, to fill free flowing low viscosity products; such as milk, water, beverages, cordials, vinegars etc. The filler can handle a large range of glass and plastic bottle sizes.

The level fillers are offered with options such as a Rotary Rinser on the infeed, a Foil Capper, Pick ' Place Screw Capper or On The Fly Screw Cappers, full automation and automatic height adjustment when changing bottles.

The filling principle is extremely simple with an infeed scroll and star wheel moving the containers into the filling area. The containers are lifted on a cam, thus opening the level fill nozzles with filling automatically stopping at the required fill height. The fill height is simply adjusted by adding or removing spacer rings from the nozzle.

The Rotary Screw Capper user our variable torgue magnetic clutches, is a Pick 'n Place or On The Fly Capper and is supplied complete with cap unscrambler. The machine is supplied complete with one set of change parts. All change overs are very quick and easy as the change over requires no special tools. Change parts are simply replaced and height adjustments are made before production can resume. Level control in the filling bowl is controlled by a value. A full CIP system is available on the machine. The filler speed is adjustable from the control panel by means of an inverter.