About Autopack

Autopack has over 45 years of expertise in design, manufacture, and service of shrink packaging (bundle wrapping) machinery, with over 5 000 installations worldwide ranging from simple inexpensive machines for small businesses, to high-throughput machines for multi-national corporations.

Extensive experience across industries:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetic & personal care
  • Dairy, food & beverages
  • Household chemicals


  • Every standard Autopack machine can be adjusted to pack a wide range of different-sized products.
  • Many customisations are possible, such as vertical stacking or screw infeed for oval bottles.
  • Autopack machines are configurable to meet country specific and customer standard requirements for safety, electrical, line integration, functionality. Available in:  UL, CSS and CE standards.


  • Autopack machines are designed to occupy as minimum floor space
  • We strive for simple reliable design for long life and ease of maintenance
  • Using quality, globally available pneumatic and electrical components from major European and Japanese makers


How can we deliver machines at very attractive prices without compromising on quality? By design.

In design, there are infinite possibilities waiting to be discovered. Some have much lower manufacturing and operating costs than those that are “obvious” or “industry standard”, and our mission is to find them. For example:

  • by using fewer parts to achieve the same function,
  • by using several standard parts instead of an expensive part,
  • by designing our parts to be easy to manufacture and assemble, and
  • by making machines highly adjustable rather than making more machines for specific purposes.


  • All Autopack machines undergo QC and functional factory testing  and SAT (Site Acceptance Testing) after installation
  • Autopack machines are designed to be durable and easily serviced
  • Autopack machines are known for their reliability, ease of operation and ease of adjustment
  • Autopack machines are fitted with physical, electrical and software safeguards to minimise risk of injury or damage
  • Autopack complies with local and international safety standards


Advantages of shrink wrapping

  • Low cost, water resistant, less scuffing of labels.
  • Easier and much cheaper to Automate in comparison to tray or case packing.
  • Product is visible, Can be seen through the film (unlike cardboard)
  • Leaking mostly contained to single pack, not damaging full pallet.