Wing Supreme Labeller

Labellers are specifically designed and customisable to customer requirements and are available in a number of configurations including single, or twin labelling heads with PLC control and interlocked glass/ polycarbonate guarding as optional extras.

Our General Purpose labeller is designed to suit the general packaging industry such as cosmetics, household goods and certain food products. These machines offer value for money whilst utilising the same technology as the higher end GMP Labellers. All general purpose labellers are available with either 1 or 2 Packlab labelling heads and an assortment of accessories and options.



Our GMP Labellers have been specifically designed for environments where cleanliness and cleanability is a top priority, such as in the pharmaceutical and food packaging industries, as with our general purpose labellers all GMP Labellers are fully customisable to suit any application with accessories designed to meet GMP specifications.


Labelling Head Features:

  • Infeed Spacer Belts, designed to release containers at correct intervals for labelling.
  • Alignment Belts, to ensure that the containers are aligned correctly with the labelling head.
  • Hold Down Belts, to ensure that the package remains upright.
  • Wrap-Around Belts, for the application of wrap style labels to round packaging.
  • Roller Grip Heads, designed to hold and rotate the container while the label is being applied.
  • 4th-axis and 5th-axis stands, for accurate positioning of the labelling head.
  • Various printing and coding systems, for printing of unique data to the label prior to application.
  • Camera Reject Systems, designed to identify any problem with the labelling process, from printing and coding through to label position and label presence.
  • Full PLC control.
  • Interlocked Guarding.
  • Push button and touch screen HMI controls.
  • All Labellers are supplied with Packlab Labelling Heads, ranging in speeds from 40m/minute, 60m/minute, 90m/minute and finally 120m/minute. Using their advanced stepper motor technology we offer accurate label placement at speeds of up to 300 bottles per minute.

Labelling Head Features:

  • 3 Phase stepper motor to control label web with improved acceleration response and more constant torque compared to the 2 phase stepper motor.
  • Drive roller with a 180 degree contact area of the label.
  • Special surface on drive roller to avoid pickup of glue particles, backing paper and dirt (optional)
  • Optional controller with display of each label station to store label sizes into memory.
  • Photocell in fixed position (no need for adjustment if label length changes).
  • Extremely precise label feed accuracy of up to 0.3mm.
  • Motorised rewinder from 60m/minute onwards.
  • Modular design with easy adjustments and very accessible (all adjustable parts are colour coded).