Linear Rinsers


Linear Rinsers are specifically designed, are customisable to customer requirements and are available in a number of configurations for a wide range of container sizes and shapes, with PLC control and interlocked glass/polycarbonate guarding as optional extras.

All Linear Rinsers are equipped with an ionised air blower and HEPA filtered vacuum system to remove dust and debris. Containers are driven through the inversion system, rinsed with ionised air and then re-inverted dust free to the filling line.

Operation is extremely simple, with the machine speed being matched with the line speed at up to 120 containers per minute, the inversion mechanism is extremely simple and designed for quick and tool-less change overs.

Options Include:

  • Starwheel Infeed System
  • Belt Driven Infeed System
  • Vacuum Belt Infeed Conveyor
  • Height Adjustable Vacuum Trough
  • PLC Control