Form Fill Seal

  • Flexible, general purpose series of Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines.
  • To produce all sachet styles.
  • Stainless steel construction as optional.
  • Colour Touch Screen with context sensitive Help screens.
  • 50 preset product setups.
  • Highly flexible with double length film draw function as standard.
  • Vacuum belt draw down as standard.
  • Can be interfaced with all filling systems such as Liquid filler, Volumetric cup doser, auger or multi head weigher for solids.
  • All optional accessories available on this series.




  FV-1.2 FV-2.2 FV-3.2 FV-4.2
Bag Width 60mm to 250mm 100mm to 350mm 100mm to 450mm 180mm to 600mm
Bag Length 350mm
( 700mm double draw)
(900mm double draw)
(1100mm double draw)
(1400mm double draw)
Max Speed 140 bags per minute 120 bags per minute 120 bags per minute 50 bags per minute